Advanced On-Page SEO Strategies

Advanced On-Page SEO Strategies Deliver Major Rank Boosts

Last month, I decided to try an on-page SEO experiment.

And it worked.

I saw massive boosts for a new brand that I’m trying to rank high in the Google search engine.

Advanced On-Page SEO Chart 1

The methods I used to increase that brand’s keyword rankings are what I’ll call “advanced on-page SEO” because they’re not being talked about openly.

In fact, I couldn’t find anyone else sharing these advanced SEO strategies anywhere online.

And that surprised me.

Maybe the on-page SEO methods I used are so top-secret that other SEOs don’t want you to know them.

How I Discovered These Advanced On-Page SEO Methods

I manage several online brands that have ranked at the top of Google’s search engine for years.

And all I used was basic on-page SEO to get there.

But in December 2019, some of the top keyword rankings fell during a Google Algorithm update.

I was surprised by this fall because I had the top #1-3 spots locked for high traffic keywords for at least two years.

So, I had to dig in deep to find out what went wrong.

What I discovered was that the websites of some of my biggest competitors didn’t budget during the December 2019 Google Algorithm update. And others actually received a boost in their rankings.

That observation led me to investigate the backlink profiles and on-page SEO of those websites to see what was different compared to my properties.

Backlink Profile Discovery

What I found was that the backlink profiles of those competitors were not that amazing. Some pages even had fewer or weaker backlinks than my pages.

So, the backlink profile couldn’t be the answer for my ranking drops and their ranking gains.

On-Page SEO Discovery

I then looked into the on-page SEO strategy that these competitors were using.

And that’s where I found a pattern.

Almost every website that kept their top rankings or went higher during the Google algorithm update was using much more than the basic on-page SEO methods that everyone talks about.

The strategies I found were a set of advanced on-page SEO strategies that seemed to be helping these sites dominate the SERPs.

So, I had to try them out myself.

Testing Advanced SEO Strategies

After examining the top ranking websites that were now beating my brands, I discovered that there were around five advanced SEO strategies that were being used by each one of them.

It was almost like a footprint; as if the same person owned all of these websites or each one had the same SEO agency working for them.

So, it had to work, right?

Results of These SEO Strategies

I took those advanced SEO strategies I uncovered and tested them on a new website that I’m working on.

And the keyword rankings popped overnight.

I couldn’t believe it.

I saw sudden increases in multiple keyword rankings like these:

Advanced On-Page SEO Chart 2
Advanced On-Page SEO Chart 3

Instantly, a brand’s website that didn’t get much traffic at all is now getting traffic that’s leading to sales.

And all it took was a few simple advanced on-page SEO strategies that I discovered by digging into the HTML of the top-ranking competitor websites.

I’m now in the process of duplicating these on-page SEO methods on my other brands’ websites and seeing similar results.

In fact, I took the Featured Snippet in Google for one high-traffic keyword that I had lost in December 2019 within 30 minutes after putting these strategies into place.

Here’s the graph to prove it:

Advanced SEO Strategies Chart 4
My brand is the light blue line that increased from position #7 to #1, capturing the Featured Snippet.

Would You Like to Know These Advanced On-Page SEO Methods?

If you’d like to see fast and big jumps for your target keywords in the Google search engine, contact me through email or on social media.

Perhaps, we can work together on an on-page SEO consultation project and I can show you how effective these advanced SEO strategies can be for your own website.

Or, I can implement these advanced on-page SEO methods for you so you don’t have to do any of the work.

Let’s chat if you’re interested.

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